We Help Digital Subscription Businesses Generate New Customers On Demand

Scale Your Monthly Recurring Revenue With Hyper-Profitable Paid Customer Acquisition.

Companies That We Helped To Grow:

$1MM+ In Revenue In 6 Months

Objective: Building a user acquisition campaign for a recurring Instagram marketing service from scratch.

Results: 3200+ new customers generated at $28.46 with a CLTV of $350+ per customer and $90,000 in ad spend.


# Of Sales




Total Revenue

$1MM+ In Revenue In 12 Months

Objective: Scaling a tripwire funnel for lower price point digital products (~$47) and a membership ($20/mo) in the fitness niche.

Results: 4100+ new customers acquired at $65/CPA with a 1.25 ROAS on front-end + $600,000 in back-end revenue (MRR).


# Of Sales




Total Revenue

400+ New Customers For A $997 Online Course

Objective: Improving the performance of the weekly live webinar funnel that has a $997 course offered at the end by using Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Results: 15,000+ webinar registrations generated under $4/lead and 400+ online course sales.


# Of Leads




Total Revenue

$800,000+ In Revenue Selling A $497 Course

Objective: Building a lead generation/customer acquisition campaign for an automated webinar that has $497 at the end by using Facebook Ads.
Up-sell offers: $10,000 coaching program & $3,000 DFY marketing service for RE agents.

Results: 28,000+ webinar registrations at $2-$3/registration, and 800+ new customers generated in less than 9 months. Facebook page also grew by 25,000+ likes.


# Of Leads




Total Revenue

Lead Gen For A $997 Online Course + SAAS Product

Objective: Building a lead generation / customer acquisition campaign to bring in new experts for a mobile app builder (course + software).

Results: 17,000+ webinar registrations generated at $8.68/lead in highly competitive fitness space. 150+ new experts bought the offer (course + SaaS) with a CLTV of $2000 per customer.


# Of Leads




Total Revenue

$50,000+ Selling A Physical Book + Digital Product

Objective: Building a customer acquisition campaign for a physical book and a digital product as an up-sell offer.

Results: 3000+ copies sold with a 2.0 ROAS on Day 1.


# Of Sales




Total Revenue

$150,000+ In Revenue Selling Live Event Tickets

Objective: Building a lead generation/customer acquisition campaign for a live event (~150 attendees per year, $297-$397 per ticket)

Results: We sold out the tickets three years in a row (2016-2018) and generated over $150,000 in revenue.


# Of Leads




Total Revenue

Our Proven Paid Customer Acquisition System Is Created For:

Software Companies

  • Increase your MRR with a steady flow of new customers.
  • We'll take over your paid acquisition and deliver new customers at profit and scale, while you focus on increasing your customer LTV and improving your service.
  • In 2019, our best CAC:CLTV ratio was $29:$320

Digital Product Companies

  • Sell more online courses and/or grow your membership site with the power of paid ads on Facebook & Instagram.
  • We'll help you reach millions of people and monetize your specific knowledge.
  • In just this year alone - InfoScaling helped experts and companies to sell more than 8000 online courses worldwide.

See Why Clients Trust Us

“Working with InfoScaling we sold 5000 online courses. We also generated close to 20,000 leads for our software to bring in new experts. It was the first time we’ve ran paid ads to that side of the business. They were able to help us actually figure out first piece out like that real, sort of, product market fit stage - which was great! We spent over a half a million euros together!

Daniel Harvey, Marketing Executive at Passion.io & PassionApps

“In today’s environment you can have the perfect marketing strategy and an optimized funnel, but you still need an edge in Facebook advertising to drive leads. InfoScaling gives us that edge. And if they have the capacity to take you on as a client you should jump at the opportunity.”

Jordan Gal, Founder & CEO at CartHook

Ready ToSkyRocketYour Paid AdvertisingCampaigns?

"InfoScaling was the first agency we brought on to help us gauge the opportunity on FB ads with an initial test budget of about $15k. This pilot helped us double down on FB ads. We were impressed with what they've achieved in the pilot study! "

Wilson Hung, Former Director of Growth @ Kettle & Fire, and Co-Founder of getARPU.com

"InfoScaling team doesn’t take a cookie cutter approach. If you need an advertising agency that's going to do the job for you and your info subscription-based business, you're at the right place. I highly recommended them!”

Tim Piccirillo, Direct Response Copywriter